The Paris of today drawn in the style of the engravers of yesterday.

The Paris of today takes on the appearance of yesterday...

In the form of an antique coloured engraving, the magnificent architecture of the City of Light is shown in all its glory. Relief and volume almost bring it to life.

Twenty-three months of work, more than 2,000 aerial photos viewed: since 1920, no drawing on this scale has been completed.

The capital's 270 principal sites have been drawn to scale and at a viewing angle of 45°: an artistic work which shows the city at its finest. The drawings were all minutely traced with pen and ink.

In one glance we visit Paris through the centuries: Saint-Germain-des-Près, Notre-Dame, la Madeleine, the bridges scattered along the Seine, the Bastille Opera, and all the rest.

So many monuments bearing witness to an extraordinary variety and harmony.

This document is precious.

Anne-Charlotte DE LANGHE